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tough for her. it might help if castle runs an aggressive write-in campaign. >> sean: that is all the time. i love the new cd. greta is next. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: did you hear what rush limbaugh said about last night's interview? governor palin talking about threats in the party. first, we have been painfully blunt. gutless is the term we used to describe the democrats for not voting before the midterm election on extending the bush tax cut the new york time editorial page has joined our chorus. big letterhead line the democrats profiles in timidity. that he the democrats of lacking convictions that is rough. republican senator lindsey graham joins you live. the "new york times" are going after the democrats heavy.
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>> that is unusual. i would rather agree with you than "the new york times" being an conservative but we -- they are right. the issue needs to be voted on before the next election. if you raise taxes on anyone from 35% to 39.6 on anybody, you raise taxes is a bad idea. and we should have the courage of our convictions, i'm willing to go to the floor and cast a vote against raising taxes on anybody regardless of how it mate be perceived by people. >> greta: "the new york times" is in favor of the way the president would like, extend it for everyone who makes less than $250,000. what "the new york times" is slamming the democrats about is they won't bother to bring it up for vote. >> here's obama's world people that make over $250,000 should have 40% of their income taken by the federal government. in my world no one should have
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40% taken by the government, 39.6. 750,000 small businesses will be hit if you increase taxes for people who make over $250,000 that means those small businesses will have less to hire and expand. you can't talk about jobs and not taxes if you raise the dividend taxes, capital gains top right you are going to destroy the ability to get out of this bad economy. now is not the time to raise taxes. i'd like to have that debate with democrats who believe now is a good time to raise taxes. but they are afraid. >> greta: if nothing is done, between now and midterms or midterms and january everybody's taxes go up right? >> everybody. >> greta: here's what i think is appalling. every year we give pakistan 1.5 billion dollars. last fall we gave them an additional tip, 7.5 billion dollars. we are giving them hundreds of millions of dollars in disaster relief. i don't have no clue how much
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we give them in the military my guess is billions. >> it is. >> according to secretary of state clinton and others the rich in pakistan don't pay taxes. so, we pay for what the people of pakistan, the rich or even the middle class impact standard is coming from us. >> here's our dilemma. if we don't support the pakistan army to make them better equipped to fight terrorism on their side of the border, americans are going to get killed. i'd like to fix pakistan's tax problems. we tax too much. we take too much from the american people to run this government. and we spend too much. my focus is on making sure we win in afghanistan you have to have a stable reliable partner in afghanistan. the money we are giving this military sis tans to make sure they can fight terrorists on their side of the border more effectively. i'm willing to send those checks because i think it helps us in afghanistan. >> greta: that's the military billions in military.
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the 1.5 we give them every year and the 7.5 and hundreds of millions in disaster relief that is humanitarian, in a different category. >> all i can say is, pakistan is hanging by a thread. it is a country with nuclear weapons. the best thing we can do is make sure the government us is stains itself and doesn't fall. if it falls, a vacuum will be created in pakistan the same people fighting in afghanistan to take that country over with nuclear weapons this is aid to pakistan to make us safer. >> greta: i don't disagree it is serious. what are we really doing? if you take a look at pakistan according to the articles i've read today is members in parliament who make all the rules about taxes in pakistan are the rich. they managed to make the rules as they themselves don't have to pay taxes. that's not appealing and i don't know what we can. then you have the president, his country gets flooded, horrible flood, terrible situation, 1800 people dead,
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crops ruined, everybody. katrina on steroids. go to his family's compound, some chateau in france. i don't disagree with new prince. the problem is when do we put the dislynn in on pakistan so they at lost try help themselves. i don't mind helping, but they are stealing. >> here's what we ought to do in afghanistan and pack -- pakistan. it is in our national security interests to make these governments more stable and accepted by their people. measure their performance. if we give them money to help their military they are doing -- make sure they are doing their end. if we give aid to the government have accountability measures and make sure government is doing what they can to deny safe haven. with pakistan, corruption is rampant, their tax code is a joke. but they are letting taliban members go from afghanistan to pakistan and have safe havens.
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that's what i'm going to measure. get into the fight. >> greta: it goes back to when are we going to lean on pakistan to do the right thing? even with our drone an being fast we announce we are going to do the drone attacks and they warn everybody and everybody flees. we send our drones and don't get the targets. it is repleat with examples of pakistan double dealing us. >> they are double dealing. their intelligence services works against us at times. but that's the world we live in i wish it were better. >> greta: i agree. when we are just paying all this money. at lost can't we use some of this money for leverage? >> a.m. we have spent since 9/11? how much money has america spent dealing with the consequences of 9/11 because we left afghanistan alone. when the the russians left the taliban came in and took over. we sat on the sidelines and watched that country go to hell. we can't afford that in pakistan. i'm sorry it is corrupt.
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i would rather be engaged to push them to do the right thing than to back off and let it go to hell. if it goes to hell in pakistan there's no way we can win in afghanistan. unlike afghanistan, pakistan has nuclear weapons. >> greta: let me ask you about bob woodward's new book. there's a passage in which you and the president are talking the timeline which you are opposed to. the passage is you are giving the president heat about having a timeline. the president is quoted as saying this is tough, obama replied, i can't lose all the democratic party and people at home don't want to hear we are going to be there for 10 years. is this passage correct? under this passage, is the president's timeline which you are opposed to is a political decision if it is whether or not he can keep the democrats. >> i'm not going to comment other than what i said, i think a july withdrawal date next year undercuts our
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efforts to succeed. if the enemy thinks we are going to leave next july it is going to be hard to win this conflict. >> greta: two people in conversation. you and the president. i can't lose all the democratic party. >> he made a political decision to announce withdrawal at the time he was pushing up troops. it is clear no military leader suggested we should withdraw next july. it was a political calculation. i think it has made it harder for us to win. >> greta: does that bug you? >> you better believe it makes me upset. it made me upset when democrats tried to undercut bush in iraq. but i don't want to lay that game twice. we are inafter, 30,000 troops we didn't have before. give them a chance to succeed stand behind the general and try to persuade the president to back often timeline. we we the right formula, the right general just give him
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and our troops a chance to win. politics does matter. it is hard to win a war when republicans and democrats are going to pull the plug. >> greta: wars should be made for political reason that's why that passage jumps out. is it a right decision or a political decision? >> it bothers me to have made a political decision about troops and how many they are going to stay it bothered me when we set a timeline. if we listened to obama and biden we would have lost iraq. i want to help this president where i can. i think it was an a huge mistake to stay we are going to withdraw in july. >> greta: senator thank you. if were you a politician would you insult those you want to vote for you or your party? smart or dumb,? a report next. we ask sarah palin a question. she said it was a good one.
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>> greta: it is getting a little weird. yesterday vice president biden tells his party democrats to stop whining. now the president is calling on his own party in a "rolling stone" interview the president tells democrats it is inexcusable and irresponsible to sit out the midterms. tells them to shake off their lethargy, buck up and bringing about change is hard. and if people want to take the ball and go home that tells me folks weren't serious in the first place. doug schoen joins us live. nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> greta: this slips out of frustration the vice president and the president or is this
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deliberate strategy ineffective? >> well, i don't think it is a deliberate strategy but it sure doesn't make sense to blame your base for your own political failings when you haven't addressed the issues they are most concerned about, job creation, tax and spending, deficits and debt. doesn't make sense five weeks or so before a midterm election. >> greta: all these tasks are hard, trying to get the economy rolling is difficult. we are in a tough spot. many of these issues that the president, whether you are for them or against them, these are big projects and take time. is it more of a feeling on the part of the white house to communicate and now they are communicating how long these things take and now they are taking a whack at their party? >> i think it is frustration. their messaging is diffuse. they don't have a clear direction. they've taken to blaming their supporters for their own problems. it is a little strange to me.
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>> greta: the president was in wisconsin today and senator feingold who always brings it up to the line and manages to win. he's about eight points behind in a race against a first timer. you have the president going to wisconsin. what is -- do you think is a presence that senator feingold welcomes or is this a nightmare for him? >> a little bit of both. initially he didn't have time because of senate votes to show up in wisconsin, he made it. but he's tried to distance himself from the president. now they are trying to mobilize youth voters. i think they are between how to run and the net result is a strategy that is best incoherent. >> greta: in the rolling stone article i noticed the fact that he took a little whack at fox news he says fox has a point of view that i think is destructive for the long term
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growth of a country that has a vibrant middle class and is competitive in the world. thin skinned or good tactic to come after us? >> i think it is thin skinned and self-destructive. a rational politician facing the challenges he faces would reach out to fox news. president clinton in the most recent "wall street journal" poll is the most popular man in america has come on your program and other programs. he's obviously defended his position. but he's gone to all media. the obama administration has decided for reasons of their own to exclude from coverage the most popular and i would say persuasive network in america doesn't make much sense. can't figure it. >> greta: he's got rolling stone and looking for the youth vote. the youth were strum mental in getting him elected. >> it is difficult to get them out in the midterm. if i were him i would be looking #ás$r't voters.
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the rhetoric he has used today and in the past is doing nothing to get swing voters. today he has gone after democrats. i don't know who he hasn't attacked and that's not the way to win an election. >> greta: doug, thank you. is the republican party facing a new threat from an unlikely corner? governor sarah palin tells you next. and bill o'reilly goes on the daily show. rush limbaugh and izes his on rush limbaugh and izes his on the recordrd [ female announcer ] in the coming weeks and months, you may notice something a little different about eggland's best eggs. now, addition to the taste and nutrition you and your family love, eggland's best will proudly be displaying its support for susan g. komen for the cure®, the world's largest breast cancer organization, in its promise to end breast cancer rever. eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. and a greater commitment to what matters. because part of being the best is doing good. ♪
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>> greta: there is miss coming about the rising power of the tea party movement in a new "wall street journal" nbc poll 71% of republicans now describe themselves as tea party supporters. trying to tap into the tea
1:19 am
party power. sarah palin's political action committee has a new youtube video called, what else, tea party. >> the tea party movement is not a top down opposite a ground up call to action that is forcing both parties to chain the way they are doing business. that's beautiful. [ cheering ] >> the soul of this movement is the people. everyday americans who grow our food and run our small businesses, teach our kids to fight our wars. folks in small towns and cities across this great nation saw what was happening and got involved. it inspiring to see real people not politicoes inside the beltway professionals come out -- come out and stand up and speak out for common sense conservative principle. who can argue a movement that is about the people the
1:20 am
government is supposed to be working for the people that is what this movement is about. this party that we call the tea party is the future of politics. and i am proud to get to be here today! >> greta: what happens next for the rising tea party movement? governor palin went on the record. in terms of the tea party, who do you think is more rattled by it, the republicans or the democrats and why? >> i think that that's a great question greta. i think would it be the democrats. they are understanding there are a lot of hard-core democrats who are claiming to be tea party americans, and a lot of independents. not just hard-core republicans who are saying enough is enough let's rein in government. the democrats are rattled. they don't like this. they understand they are losing control and it is a beautifulning. >> greta: the democrats have
1:21 am
-- department greats have gotten yell -- the democrats have gotten yelled out. republicans, murkowski, delaware situation, colorado, nevada, so the republican party has had the rug pulled off from underneath them already. >> it is the republican establishment that has had the rug pulled out from under them many like lisa murkowski part of that political machine. she being part of a family that i guess is considered a dynasty in politics. her dad having served for so many years in the senate and giving her daughter the job. it is part of that -- part of the machine that is rattled not knowing what do we do next if constituents aren't happy with the agenda we have embraced? that agenda has been going along to get along and not being inspired to rein
1:22 am
government and allow opportunities. they don't know what to do. when you see tea party americans having such affect on these primary elections, those within, i don't know how to describe it, not the mainstream hierarchy of the gop, i don't know what the name of it would be. but those people who are part of the machine not knowing how to react to this yeah, their cage is rattled too. >> greta: any way for the democrats to get the tea party vote? >> well, the democrats need to really list 10 to what that tea party message is about and they need to embrace that. some of those blue dog democrats, it seems like they tried through obamacare for instance. they tried to really listen to what americans were saying when we were saying, no obama care is not the solution to reforming health care that is needed in america. some of the blue dog democrats it seemed like they tried. but they caved at the last minute that's why people are disgusted with the party
1:23 am
machine. people who are so partisan that they dare not stray from what the party leaders tell them to do that they can just do the right thing. if democrats within the party who understand what the voters are trying to tell them, if they would start listening and living it out, yeah they could be brought along with the tea party. >> greta: i remember april 15th, 2009, the first gathering of the tea party that i remember. the big question would it happen the following year? would negro? many people are surprised to see -- would they grow? many people are surprised to see, after the midterms, is the midterms the last hurrah? >> it is going to grow. november 2nd isn't the end. it is the beginning. the rean ning of america. understand what our foundation -- the reawakening of america. understanding what our foundation is. how it was built, how it became generous and safe.
1:24 am
that's what tea party americans are saying to the -- their i locked officials and they are saying we are going to fire you if you don't understand what we are saying that happens november 2nd. november 3rd. it has to grow because it is right for america, it is based on common sense. based on the constitution. people on november 3rd, are gonna realize the day after the elections that there was a shake-up in the political landscape in . -- in america and it was tea party americans who allowed the shake-up. >> greta: fascinating to see what happens combination al convention time. whether there is any tipping of the hat to the tea party whether they have any role in either one that is going to be a fascinating time. >> i think so. i think at the convention there's going to be a lot of tea sipping not just tipping the hat to what the tea party americans are saying. people are going to realize, again, november 3rd, it is not the end, it is the beginning. we still got two more years of
1:25 am
getting conservative candidates ready to go to take back the country in 2012, it is so necessary to undo so much of the obama, pelosi, reid agenda that is putting further away from the prosperous america we desire. >> greta: tea party willing to negotiate and work with them? >> if it is a threat, it is a good threat, healthy needed what the tea party americans are doing to both sides of the aisle to the machine that run the parties on both sides. it is a good needed shake-up. >> greta: governor, thank you. >> thanks greta. >> speaking of the palin family, do not miss on the record tomorrow night. bristol palin will be here to give you her inside story on "dancing with the stars." don't miss bristol palin tomorrow night at 10 p.m.. >> next, terrifying charge from arizona sheriff paul babeu. the sheriff says parts of the
1:26 am
united states are now controlled by mexican drug cartels. what does he mean by "control?" he goes on the record, next. >> no question we do not need this, another hostile president now taunting the united states. he says his country is going nuclear. not ahmadinejad this one is, he's really close. ambassador bolton goes on the ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. ♪ so why would you let something le erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra? 20 million men already have. ♪ with every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy ough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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>> greta: rush limbaugh wants to tell i about his interview last night. but first could the vicious drug war in mexico spill over into the united states? arizona sheriff pal babeu says it is already happening now. he says the mexican cartel already controls parts of our country. good evening sheriff. what do i mean by the drug cartels controlling parts of the united states? when i see those words, i think horrible. >> it is. myself and 10 of our police chiefs sit up publicly with senator mccain at the time asking for 3,000 armed soldiers. one that is dramatic. the fact that law enforcement leaders admit that we can't handle this ourselves. we are type a personalities, don't like to admit we can't do something. we have high points of terrain, mountains in nell county -- in nell county we have already taken out now in the past two
1:30 am
months, two cave dwellers. members of a mexican drawing drug cartel 70 miles north of the border this isn't nogales or directly on the border. they have binoculars, night vision and supplies of food. they can see 30, 40 miles. they control the movement and the access. they don't have thousands of soldiers there in terms of that control. anybody who understands military tactics know when you control the high points of terrain, and you roll movement in that area, that is unacceptable here to be in america. this is not some foreign country i'm talking about. this is 35 miles from the fifth largest city in america. >> greta: in terms of the two spotters or whatever. they had binoculars i'm not denying the seriousness. did they have weapons? >> these two did no in that same area, one of my deputies, as you know was shot by six
1:31 am
members of a mexican drug cartel in that same area. two weeks later, two members of a drug cartel were killed in the middle of the night. they called 911 they even called the sheriff's office that is happening up here. that expression of violence that is in mexico, we shouldn't be scratching our heads to say why isn't that here? because it is coming here and it is bleeding into america. >> greta: correct me if i'm wrong is that deputy shooting under investigation whether or not it is a shooting from some -- from someone in the drug cartel or whether it is self-inflicted. isn't that under investigation? >> it is. not from our perspective. before we collapsed the perimeter we had suspicious members of the media here with their conspiracy theories because this was the week that governor brewer signed sb-1070. they said isn't this interesting? in law enforcement we don't get to appoint a time and
1:32 am
place of a shooting or something bad that happens, we are not making these things up. we have these incidents where we have not just hundreds, try thousands of illegals everyday that come into arizona. somehow we've arrived at a point where this has become accept age to the president and janet napolitano saying that -- we've added more resources the border is more secure. they forget what is acceptable, the 400,000 they've admitted we don't know who they are or where they've come from. this is a post 9/11 world. >> greta: sheriff thanks you. >> mother mayor in mexico murdered. this time stoned to death. this is the fifth city mayor murdered in mexico since mid august. the 11 mayor murdered this year. the latest murdered mayor was from a small town in western mexico where soldiers destroyed more than 20 meth labs in the past year. john bolton joins us live.
1:33 am
it is nuts. >> well, i think that it is a further demonstration why even in the midst of an american election campaign, we need leadership from washington so people who live in the border areas and people who deal with the drug problems in cities over america now their government is paying attention. >> greta: i have no idea how far this is or is not going into arizona or whatever. the one thing that is clear is that mayors in mexico, candidates for governor, prosecutors, journalists, they are being murdered. it seems almost inevitable it is going to spread out r >> given the distribution of drugs in the united states in the urban areas is handled by criminal gangs the connection between the drug cartels and criminal gangs in our country already exists. as violence spreads we are going to see it here. this business of being areas in the boarder that are not
1:34 am
under law enforcement control ought to be frightening to all of us whether we live close to the border or not. >> greta: the "l.a. times" has a lot of stories on this. it is stunning. now venezuela what is going on down there? >> hugo chavez has put a public face on what i think has been clear for a long time that is that venezuela is moving in very aggressively into developing a nuclear program. like all these rogue states, of course the program is only for peaceful -- they don't have enough oil they need nuclear power too. he will be laying the foundation for what is often called a break out capacity as gets his reactors bill, builds the nuclear infrastructure to move toward a weapons program if he chooses. >> greta: of course he's close to ahmadinejad. maybe that is my description. they certainly have some relationship. better than we do. >> they have a great relationship. it is getting better.
1:35 am
venezuela is win of the largest rannian diplomatic posts anywhere in the world. they are using venezuelan financial institutions to evade our sanctions. they've got all kinds of arms deals with russia as well as iran. venezuela is supplying iran with refined petroleum products. it is a thriving commerce between them. >> greta: earlier we talked to send for graham about pakistan and this horrible situation. -- senator graham, about pakistan and this horrible situation. the amount of stealing and corruption in pakistan, the double dealing and in afghanistan makes it difficult to understand why we can't do more to clean it up so at least our dollars are more effectively spent. >> i think on the military side, the aid is alarmly in the form of weapons or american supplied training. it is not really a case where we are giving them money. we are giving them resources to use for programs that we
1:36 am
want. >> greta: we have 1.5 billion a year for other [ talking over each other ] >> one other thing, a stud think july said 6 out of 10 pakistanis characterize the united states as enemies. not a good start. >> it is not a good start. the economic side is more difficult. i think what the united states should do when it provides that amount of aid is impose what is called conditionally on the pakistanis. insist on -- policy changes that will benefit their economy and not allow at least our tax dollars to be ripped off. in part you have to great -- to grit your teeth. it is not anywhere near close to ideal but a war we need fighting. >> when you are asking americans to raise their taxes if january. when you see our national debt. and you see billions going to pakistan if it is effective. if we see the rich in pakistan aren't paying taxes.
1:37 am
we're paying for their schools. i believe in humanitarian relief. but it's got to be effective, not stealing! >> good point. the economic assistance ought to be directed toward growth policies for the pakistani people themselves that means fundamentally, not the levels of american or other foreign assistance. it means the kind of economic policies that pakistan itself pursues. that's what we ought to be pushing on. there are a lot of sound economists in the pakistani government that understand they will improve and their economic situation i am -- will improve if we do that >> greta: they are not collecting tacks from the rich or the middle class that's the insan tip >> the saying is foreign aid is money taken from poor people in rich countries to give to rich people in poor countries. >> greta: yikes! thank you sir. >> here's what is coming up on the o'reilly factor.
1:38 am
>> bill: we will have bob woodward. john stossel says some americans are too dumb to vote. >> greta: we are live until the top of the hour. next congressman darrell issa says if the democrats in congress don't do something now they should just resign. what's he talking about? congressman issa, next. >> did you hear what rush limbaugh said about our interview? rush in his own words, coming rush in his own words, coming up. we know why we're here. to build a new generation of airplanes to connect the world. ♪ airplanes that fly cleaner and farther on less fuel. and make nonstop travel possible to more places. ♪ [ female announcer ] around the globe, the people of boeing are working together -- to bring us together. that's why we're here. ♪
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1:42 am
extending israel's settlement freeze in the west bank for 60 days. in return, washington would provide israel security assurances. >> the death toll rising in the papeline explosion in florida. a san francisco man died in a hospital on monday. the blast destroyed nearly 40 homes. the federal emergency management agency has turned down california's request for disaster said aid, saying the state governments and the pipeline's owner should pay for the recovery effort. i'm ainsley earhardt. back to gretia. congressman darrell issa draws a line in the sand and tells congressional democrats do your job or resign. here's the inside story. nice to see you. >> good to be back. >> greta: you say vote on the tax cuts or resign. >> i'm not going to beat around the bush.
1:43 am
we've got 85 postal namings and commemoratives things that have no value to the american people up. we haven't seen the continuing resolution that going to fun the government. people are going to have you believe after an he legs people are going to be more accountable to the needs of the american people than before when it comes to this lurking coming, tax increase. get growth i don't think anyone doubts this is politics. the democrats don't want to do it before election day and want to push the democrats into doing it before election day. with all due respect to both parties, i think you both are playing us a little bit. >> tax increase represents 5% of the current deficit. although it is real, it isn't that much if you look at part in question. >> greta: the $250,000 and more. >> people who create jobs, in small business. those are the people that are going to get the increase. one of the things that you lose in the debate is.
1:44 am
most people don't make over a quarter million dollars a year. but a great many people once in their lifetime will win the lottery, sell the business, sell some sort of real estate in that year they are going to be in this catch 22 of stick it to the rich. in california you pay 9.3% after $44,000. i know when you stick it to the rich it targets us all. trickle down taxation is not a term but it will be. >> greta: is your reason for this is because you think it is unfair? or you think it is ineffective to raise tax on those who make more than $250,000 a year? >> i think it is ineffective. we are raising on the 60 to 80% of all job creation which is a small business if we go back to stick it to the rich what we are going back to is claiming somehow, some way if you get high taxes on those people that you are going to solve the problems of a
1:45 am
government that is 1.4 trillion upside down. you cannot right-size this government without making cuts. after the election making cuts is going to be hard enough keeping taxes from rising is going to be impossible. >> greta: "the new york times" came out with article accusing congress of being timid. they are accuse the democrats of not calling for a vote since they have the majority. "new york times" in is in favor of taxing $250,000 and above, nonetheless they are calling the democrats -- not you, they won't do it before the election. american people want to know are you for it or against it? >> you are right. people have to stand for something. i'm not apologetic. i think taxes are too high on all americans. i think that our spending addiction needs to be addressed after the election. that's what this election is
1:46 am
about. at the same time to not hold an up or down vote is not just timid, it is grounds forest nation. people who are blocking this vote, include -- for resignation. people who are blocking this vote, speaker pelosi what is it about her job she doesn't understand. where is the leadership? >> greta: are you willing to negotiate if you can't get the extension to everybody, including those who make $250,000 or more are you willing to vote for those who make less to have the benefit of the lower tax rate? believe we have to have a tax code that encourages people to create jobs. if we take the job creators and raise their taxes or taxes on small businesses, we've missed the point. we were better off at 28% under reagan than we've been since. we are going to be at 39% come january. in my state that is over and above over another 10%.
1:47 am
you are looking at 50% of every dollar of every california business is being taken before they get to reinvestment. that's wrong. it is not good for america. it is part of the reason we are not creating jobs. >> greta: do you speak to pelosi about this? >> speaker pelosi and i have a cordial relationship, because frankly, she ignores me unless she has something to ask for, for california. and i look and realize that she has made her decision. she has made her decision to support the left and throw the blue dogs under the bus. i talk to a lot of blue dogs, swing voters and ask them to help me on transparency, data reporting, things that are bipartisan and i a lot of cooperation. nancy, unfortunately has been leading the far leftover a cliff. this election is going to be about changing that. >> greta: if the democrats maintain the majority, will she be speaker of the house? >> you know, i certainly will vote for steny hoyer before i vote for nancy pelosi if you
1:48 am
are looking for a swing vote. >> greta: congressman, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: next, the best of the rest. did you hear rush limbaugh talking about on the record today? did he hate our interview or does he have good things to say? we'll let rush tell you himself. we showed you jon stewart on the o'reilly factor. how about bill o'reilly on the daily show? the video coming up. plus, did you hear about boogate there are reports that sarah palin was booed on "dancing with the st [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to
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1:51 am
. growth here is the best of the rest. last week jon stewart took on bill o'reilly and the no spin zone. last night o'reilly went to
1:52 am
stewart's home turf the daily show they got to talking about presidential politics. >> i'm not convinced anybody would be a good president at this point. >> is bill o'reilly talking about his own future perhaps? >> no. talking about pinheads. >> get into that racket. you have to beg for money. you need 150 million to run. why is it so corrupt? >> we may never agree on politics -- >> you and me? >> absolutely. i don't like corrupt media. i don't like corrupt finances. i would be willing to do all the -- what are the right ring tort reform and you buy insurance in different states. all that is fine. when are we going to deal with the corruption at heart of these problems? >> i'll alive with you. >> are you -- i'll allie with you. >> are you proposing gay marriage to me, man shall not
1:53 am
allie with other man. stay in a lot of hotels. i read the bible frequently. >> do you? >> i like to scare my kids before bed. >> oh lord. >> let me ask you this. >> the corruption, you right. it is a corrupt system because these people have to raise money and you know everybody coming in say we'll give you this but you got -- gotta do that. everybody is different. they so much time raising money and kissing butt, they don't even think about problem solving. it cuts both ways liberal pinheads are just as bad as the right wing pinheads. >> somebody is -- nobody is suggesting pen hids of any stripe are pleasant. >> greta: we are calling it boogate. there are reports that
1:54 am
sarah palin was booed last night on "dancing with the stars." did that happen? here's the whole story. the booing happen after actress jennifer grey and her partner danced before governor palin was interviewed. watch the video and listen to the host on jimmy kimmel. >> that's 24 out of 30. how does that feel? >> get, fantastic. >> exhausted that was a lot of fun, but that was good. >> if you don't want to see what happened to david hasselhoff you need to call. why is there booing? >> i don't know. >> support them now with your vote. >> tom? >> thank brooke i'm here with sarah palin. >> is that why there was booing? >> no because they felt jennifer gotten skewed, they should have gotten nines.
1:55 am
>> greta: executive producer of "dancing with the stars" gave this statement. the booing was a direct response from the audience to jennifer and derek's score. rush limbaugh talked about going on the record. >> people have often told me what a great interviewer they think greta van susteren is. why do you think they say that? that's right she asks a question and let's her guest answer it and doesn't interrupt and get into arguments or attempt to keep the guest from shining the light. >> greta: we certainly appreciate those kind words. rush is always welcome here on the record. there you have the best of the rest. still ahead uh-oh, story about president obama and the captain of the titanic.
1:56 am
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>> greta: this is a fox news alert. a european terror plot has been stopped say major mumbai terror plot has been thwarted and has resulted in tightened security in airports across europe. stay with fox news for the latest in this breaking news story. and 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time. last call. what are the hits, the greatest tragedies has jay leno looking at the present. >> experts saying the titanic sank because the captain of the had a problem when he tried to turn to have to the left, and president obama said tell me about it. yeah. president obama says he plans on training 10,000 new math and science teachers.

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